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Review-Pauline Frechette’s A Quiet Walk In The Snow

November 5, 2016

By Katrina Charles

Los Angeles-based composer Pauline Frechette is an accomplished pianist and singer, but one recent release further exemplifies the depth and variety of her musical abilities. “A Quiet Walk In The Snow” is a short-yet-poignant orchestral composition that represents Frechette’s signature classic style. Starting with a simple melody that slowly grows as the song progresses, “A Quiet Walk In The Snow” showcases Frechette’s knack for understated complexity that allows you to discover something that you missed with each subsequent listen. Arranged by David Campbell, this composition is a sweet tune that you’ll want to listen to on repeat.

A woven tapestry of strings and woodwinds, “A Quiet Walk In The Snow” is an almost cinematic experience. It is peppered with expertly placed call-and-response melodies; the back and forth makes you feel as if you’re in the midst of a quiet conversation as the snow swirls around you on a winter evening. The tone of the song is pensive, lingering in a state between thoughtfulness and sadness but never tipping completely towards either. As the strings swell, they lift you optimistically before slowly fluttering back towards the ground. The dynamics of the composition seem to paint the snow flurries as you stroll along the lightly dusted pavement.

At just under two minutes, “A Quiet Walk In The Snow” paints a clear scene in a compact time frame. Ending on a beautiful minor chord, the melodies continue to repeat in your head long after the last notes have faded. This orchestral piece is another gorgeous Pauline Frechette creation that gives a deeper glimpse into her versatile musical vision.


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