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Interview with Robert Bryan – President of Pocket Kid Records.

October 1, 2012

Dead Sara is without question my new favorite band. So here is an Interview with Robert Bryan – President of Pocket Kid Records. (Whom I tracked down late one night and corralled into this phone interview.) I am fascinated by the fact that Dead Sara successfully launched themselves with a first album on what has been described in many articles and interviews as “Their own label”.


John: Hi Robert!

Robert: Hi!

John: Well I must say Pocket Kid Records, has made quite a splash with your first group, Dead Sara, and Pocket Kid’s and their first self-titled album, Dead Sara. The artistic accolades are superlative and many.

Robert: Yes we have, and we are very pleased with the way things are going.

John: I see Dead Sara just won an award on for the Vegas Rocks, Best New Rock Band of 2012.

Robert. Yes on August 26th, they received the award, and I believe they have been nominated for one or two more awards.

John: That’s great, because if there was ever a new band who deserved it, it certainly is Dead Sara. I have officially made them my favorite band. They have some remarkably good music  – I mean Emily’s voice and those guitar riffs that Siouxsie comes up with , it’s just insane. And what is really remarkable is that the whole album is good in a day and age when the top bands typically and routinely put out albums with 2 good songs on them and 10 songs of filler.

Now Dead Sara’s single “Weatherman” had been playing all over the nation on radio stations, and I know Dead Sara has been out there on tour supporting the album and the radio release previously with the likes of Bush, Chevelle, The Used, The Warped Tour. Where is Dead Sara now, are they on the road?

Robert: Yes they are on tour with The Offspring and the Neon Trees.

John: Wow what a great show that must be. I like all of those groups!

Now, I heard that Siouxsie fractured a rib on the Warped Tour. How is Siouxsie?

Robert: She is a real trooper. She is not fully recovered and she is out there in pain because she doesn’t want to let the band, the team, and the fans down.

John: Wow, that’s dedication!

John: And I hear there will be another Single release shortly.

Robert: Yes, Some stations have begun playing “We Are What You Say”.

John: Great song! One of my favorites on the CD. So tell me a little bit about the management team, you seem to have some very effective people working for you in addition to having one of the best new bands ever discovered. I believe I read one quote recently on line that said:

Hat’s off to Pocket Kid records as well for finding what will be the best band of 2012 in my estimation…I’m sad I didn’t know this band before they got their big break. I would have sold most everything I own to sign this band…This band will be a house hold name in 2012, The record label hit gold with this one. I wish them both the best and thank them for bringing Dead Sara’s Music to our ears.”

—  Over The Top,

Robert: Well, we have a great team. It Starts with our band managers 108 Management, Isaac Heymann and Michael Goldberg  and continues with out radio crew – CO5, and our publishers – Peer Music and PJ Bloom and of course our consultant to Pocket Kid Records and ITVI, Stan Medley.

John: Wow that is quite a team. Who keeps it all together for the band? Is that your job?

Robert: No I don’t think I could handle the whole thing. If anyone has to be given credit for keeping everything together, it would have to be Stan Medley. Stan  is the personal and business manager for Dead Sara and coordinates with the band managers, attorneys, Pocket Kid Records, etc. He is also an investment banker and helped put the public company ,ITVI, which owns Pocket Kid records in place.

So is ITVI a public company? That means I can own a piece of PKR and Dead Sara?

Robert: Yes.

John: I’m calling my broker tomorrow…what’s the symbol? Oh ITVI?

Robert: Yes, ITVI. Interact-TV Inc. is the company’s actual name.

John: Now how did PKR come to be? How did PKR discover Dead Sara, etc.?

Well PKR didn’t really discover Dead Sara, if anyone discovered Dead Sara it would have to be Stan Medley as they sort of grew up in his back yard . He has been the one managing, promoting, and backing them financially from the beginning. In fact I think they even had a different name when they began. But the genesis of Pocket Kid Records was a couple of years after the band started and it came from Emily, Siouxsie, and Stan.

Dead Sara had some 20+ record companies courting them a number of years ago and a number of offers, but Emily and Siouxsie and Stan did not want the creative caveats that came with the big record companies so they decided to form their own record company and promote the band themselves.

Stan being an investment banker found a public company interested in doing a merger with Stan’s family’s company, Viscount Records, Inc. which produced the “Airport Sessions” and then after acquiring the major interest in the public company, Interact-TV, Inc., ITVI formed a new record company Pocket Kid Records to house Dead Sara.

John: So are Emily and Siouxsie part owners of the public company and Pocket Kid Records?

Robert: Yes, Emily and Siouxsie are the majority beneficial owners of both ITVI and Pocket Kid Records.

John: Cool!  Not many new bands get deals like that.

Robert. Right.

John: So who runs ITVI?

Robert: Well I am the president and the board of directors consist of myself, Steve Medley, Alan Brown and Jack McConahey.

John: I heard another Medley in there, now Steve, who is Steve?

Robert: Steve is Stan’s son and Siouxsie’s brother and has been involved in Investment Banking and Banking for over 10 years now even though he is only 28 years old.

John: What are Pocket Kid Records, future plans? Do you have any plans outside of the record or entertainment industry? Are there any more Dead Sara’s up your sleeve or in Stan’s back yard?

Robert: Well, not outside of the entertainment industry. But outside of the record industry, Alan Brown, our director of finance, is putting together a fund to fund our, movie, publishing, and game divisions.

And yes we are looking for the next Dead Sara for our record label, whether or not they plop off the entertainment tree in Stan’s back yard.

John: Wow so it looks like we will be hearing a lot more from ITVI and Pocket Kid Records in the future.

Robert: Indeed you will.


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